The week of Policoro in Swing 2023 will also be the week of Policoro's Games.

As is known, Policoro in Swing takes place in the area that in ancient times was called Magna Grecia, where, as in mainland Greece, different types of Games were held, in addition to the Olympic ones.

To commemorate these sporting events of antiquity, we decided to organize "Policoro's Games" with the aim of pure entertainment during the week of the festival.

The Games will be team games and will be reserved exclusively for dance camp participants.

Registration for the Games will take place via the dance camp registration form and will be optional.

At the end of the registrations, the organization will arrange for the formation of the teams.

Each participant will know his destination team upon check in by receiving the team badge.

Each team will choose its captain and his deputy on the day of arrival, meeting in the evening at the Aquarius.

THE GAMES of the first edition:

  1. Beach Volleyball with teams of 6 players
  2. Table Football with teams of two players (the organization reserves the right to determine the maximum number of participating pairs for each team)
  3. Canoe race (only one crew per team)
  4. Capture the flag game