The week of Policoro in Swing 2023 will also be the week of Poligames.

As is known, Policoro in Swing takes place in the area that in ancient times was called Magna Grecia, where, as in mainland Greece, different types of Games were held, in addition to the Olympic ones.

To commemorate these sporting events of antiquity, we decided to organize "Poligames" with the aim of pure entertainment during the week of the festival.

The Games will be team games and will be reserved exclusively for dance camp participants.

Registration for the Games will take place via the dance camp registration form and will be optional.

At the end of the registrations, the organization will arrange for the formation of the teams.

Each participant will know his destination team upon check in by receiving the team badge.

Each team will choose its captain and his deputy on the day of arrival, meeting in the evening at the Aquarius.

THE GAMES of the first edition:

  1. Beach Volleyball  with teams of 6 players
  2. 2. Biliardinol with teams of two players 
  3. Canoa (only one crew per team)
  4. Capture the flag game
  5. Water Chaine

For the 2023 edition the 8 participating teams are:

A – Frankie Manning team (Blue)

B – Norma Miller team (Cyan)

C – Duke Ellington team (Red)

D – Glenn Miller team (Yellow )

E – Ella Fitzgerald team (Pink)

F – Benny Goodman team (Green)

G – Billie Holiday team (White)

H – Louis Armstrong team (Orange)



  • 1. Beach Volleyball with teams of 6 players
  • Biliardino
  • Ruba-bandiera (Capture the flag)
  • Water’s chain
  • Canoa

8 teams of about 20 players are formed, who will be given a colored ribbon which determines which team they belong to and which must be worn during the games.

Each team is distinguished, even by a reference artist, whose icon also acts as a "joker".

The registered players, as soon as they have received confirmation of their belonging team, will meet freely, by the end of the "Welcome party" evening on Sunday 20 august.

They will appoint their own captain and deputy, who will be responsible for promptly communicating the results of the self-managed games and liaising with the refereeing team.


In all games, 1 to 8 points will be awarded. Playing the "joker" in a game of the team's choice doubles the score achieved.

To play the joker, the captain must hand over the team insignia to the refereeing team before play begins. 

The draw for the quarterfinals, in team games, will be determined by the public draw during the "Welcome party".


Beach Volleyball (self-managed)

  • • Single set to 30 points with 2 points with direct elimination.
  • • 6 players with free substitutions after 10 and 20 points reached by one of the two teams.
  • • calendar:

Monday - at least 2 quarterfinal matches

Tuesday - remaining quarterfinal matches 

Wednesday - 2 semifinals   

Thursday - final

  • • Assignment of points :

1 point to eliminated in the quarterfinals

4 points to eliminated in the semifinals

6 points loser final 

8 points winning final

BILIARDINO (self-managed)

15-point games, 2 players with free substitutions.


  • • the ball put back into the field must hit the opposite side
  • • FORBIDDEN to roll the men.
  • • The first throw-in of the ball is decided by drawing lots, the subsequent ones are by the team conceding the goal 
  • • Calendar: from Monday to Thursday.

Points awarded according to the Beach Volleyball scheme 

CANOA (with judge)

Time trial race, to be carried out after agreement with the judge/referee.

Team of 4 players (2 rowers and 2 helpers).


  • • the race starts on the beach with the canoe on land which is put in the water, crew accommodation on the canoe while the helpers hold the canoe. Helpers can push the boat into the water. 
  • • Round trip at sea with buoy ride and repositioning of the canoe at the starting point on land.

Attribution of points from 1 to 8 with general classification based on the times obtained.

RUBA-BANDIERA (with judge)

Teams of 10 players


The players numbered from 1 to 10 line up in two frontal and parallel rows.

In the center is positioned, sideways, the referee with the "flag" in hand.


  • • The numbers will be called in NOT ordered succession. 
  • • The players corresponding to the called number must run towards the flag.
  • • One of the two must take it and return to his place with it, running freely within the playing field, thus trying to acquire a point for his team.
  • • The opponent will have to chase the flag owner and if he TOUCHES the player before he returns to his place he will steal his flag automatically earning the point.

Points awarded according to the Beach Volleyball scheme. 

WATER'S CHAIN ​​(with judge)

Timed game (3 minutes).

Teams of 16 players .


  • • The players, each with a plastic cup in hand, line up from the seashore to a bucket placed on the beach.
  • • The first player fills the glass with sea water which must be decanted from glass to glass up to the bucket.

At the end of the game, measure the water level in the bucket with a ruler.

Attribution of points from 1 to 8 with general classification based on the volume of water in the bucket. 

MAIN RULE valid for all games

We remind you that the "POLIGAMES" are organized with the spirit that has always distinguished Policoro in swing: Friendship, Respect, Sharing!