One of the news of Policoro in Swing 2018 was Bingo Swing, a tool for the swing social dance. For its joyful and fun features this dance  was a great success.
Bingo Swing is connected to Bingo Waltz, a popular US dance, probably originally from Ohio.
The difference compared to the original Bingo Waltz is that with the Bingo Swing the pairs formed on the last “OOOOO” of the musical sequence have to stay together to dance the swing piece that the DJ is ready to play.

The Bingo Swing routine is very simple.
You put yourself in a circle, alternating between man and woman. At waltz time we start by holding each other by the hand.

Below the sequence:

  1. Step forward, step back and turn the woman around. This for 4 times.
  2. the man turns to the lady on his right holding it with both hands and the couple takes two steps inside and two steps out. This is twice.
  3. Finally the B-I-N-G-OOOOO.

The men and the ladies cross each other’s hands. Alternating the right first and then the left and doing the spelling of the word BINGO.

Men go counterclockwise and ladies clockwise . When the caller call “OOOO” (as in b-i-n-g-OOOOOO) the couples at that time would hug!

Immediately thereafter you put yourself back in the circle and start again with the sequence.

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