Photography contest for swing calendar 2020

Photography is an art that excites, it finds place and space in the heart and mind of those who practice it and then captures the viewer.

As a great and famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson used to say, “It’s an illusion that the pictures are done with the camera … they are done with the eyes, the heart, the head”.

With a “A Year in Swing” we wanted to enhance a new means that can transmit the emotions of the Policoro in Swing. In this way, photographing is not just documenting an event, it is a means of recovering the memory of an emotion.

With Policoro in Swing 2019 there will the tirth Edition of “A Year in Swing” – A Calendar of the Swing!

“A Year in Swing” is a contest that can be attended by all those who will be present at the 2019 edition of Policoro in Swing and will shoot their photos by any means during the Festival Week.

The contest will start right after the Festival. At the end, 12 photos will be selected, which will compose the Third Calendar “One Year in Swing”.

The Rules of the Photo Contest

Theme: Policoro in Swing and “surroundings”. Images details: the images in file JPG, width max 2500 pixel, 300 DPI. Each author can submit maximum 12 photos, preferably horizontal, and will be used for Catalogue – Calendar 2020. Each photo should have a title and authors name. Photos can be taken with any type of camera including mobile phones or smartphones. The authors are responsible for the content of the photographs and are aware that the photos can be used for promotional purposes.

Execution of the contest.

The contest will be held in 3 phases:

1) FIRST Phase: Submission and collection of the photos (from September , 2nd to September 20th ). You can submit your photos to the following email: unannoinswing@gmail.com

2) SECOND Phase: from 25th September – 6th October the photos of the participants will be published anonymously in an album on the Facebook page of Policoro in Swing. 90% photos will be selected on basis of numbers of “likes”. This phase will end on 5th October at midnight.

3) THIRD phase: The selected photos will be judged by a jury composed of 4 representative members of the photography world:

• Maurizio Bernardini bfi – President of the Italian Academy of Photography
• Enrico De Paolis Vincenzoni excellent Fiap – President of the Cine-Photography Association Civitavecchia
• Maurizio Vizzini -Photographer Casc The Bank of Italy
• Francesco Pontrandolfi – President of The Cultural Ascociation Vintage Routes, former photographer of the Italian Navy

The twelve images chosen by the jury will be reproduced in the catalogue “A Year in Swing” Calendar. Jury decisions are unappealable.

The results of the contest will be published on the web page www.policoroinswing.com and on the Facebook page of Policoro in Swing. All the authors will be promptly informed about the results of the contest. The 11 finalists, ex-aequo winners, will be awarded the “ONE YEAR IN SWING” license plate. For the other 11 finalists, the Organization of the Policoro in Swing puts as a prize a 20% discount for the Dance Camp of the 2019 edition of the Festival. Participation in the contest implies acceptance of this regulation and the FIAF Mostre, as well as authorization by the authors’ of the copyrights and use of the images by the Vintage Routes Cultural Association.

The winners of “A Year in Swing 2019”!



Catherine Colin


 “Dancing shoes”

Carlos Atero


“Nicolas and Mikaela”

Catherine Colin


“Just Me and You”

Antonio Olivieri


“Ready to Fly”

Antonio Olivieri



Catherine Colin


“Happy people”

Veronica Palandri


“Alba d’oro in swing!”

Andrea Lucivero


“Just The Last Song”

Antonio Olivieri


“Waiting for 2019…”

Ilaria Falconi


“Alba’s blues” 

Catherine Colin


“Happy Feet!”

Piera Petrocelli