The 2022 edition of Policoro in Swing is a renewal edition.

As every year, Lindy Hop (Open & Advanced), Balboa (Open & Advanced) and Jazz solo competitions are scheduled. From this year Shag dance and Blues dance are scheduled too.

Here they are, please read them carefully:

Registration on-line is required and before the festival starts (we will publish the registration start on
our social networks. The registrations will end on 21 August 2022)

The number of participants will be limited as follows:

o Lindy hop open Y&M- max 30 couples- max 30 couples
o Lindy hop Advanced Y&M (J&J) max 20 couples
o Balboa Open Y&M (J&J) - max 30 couples
o Balboa Advanced Y&M (J&J) max 20 couples
o Jazz Solo - max 15 dancers
o Shag dance Y&M (J&J) max 10 couples
o Blues dance Y&M (J&J) max 10 couples

Participation is assured after the payment of the sum of 5 euros for each participants (To be paid at the time of registration).

The organization, in agreement with the judges, reserves the right to modify the list of participants in order to ensure a balanced course of the competition.

They will be held according to the following scheme (which may undergo to changes, of which participants will be promptly informed):

Monday 22 August 2022 - Aquarius Sailor Jazz Caffé
Shag: One shot
Jazz Solo: Prelims & Finals
Lindy Hop Open: Prelims

Tuesday 23 August 2022- Aquarius Sailor Jazz Caffé
Balboa Open: Prelims & Finals
Lindy Hop Open: Finals

Wednesday 24 August - Aquarius Sailor Jazz Caffè
Balboa ADV: Prelims
Blues dance: One shot

Thursday 25 August - Aquarius Sailor Jazz Caffè 21.30 -
Lindy ADV: Prelims

Friday, August 26 - Piazza Segni
Finals Lindy Advanced and Balboa Advanced


    Lindy hop open Y&M- max 30 couples

    Lindy hop Advanced Y&M (J&J)

    Balboa Open Y&M (J&J)

    Balboa Advanced Y&M (J&J)

    Jazz Solo

    Shag dance Y&M (J&J)

    Blues dance Y&M (J&J)