Dance Camp
Policoro in Swing 2022

All registrations for 2022 edition are closed!

Registration and payment procedure. Fill in the application form here. The first notification you will receive certifies that you have taken charge of your pre-booking at PolicoroInSwing. You will then receive an e-mail confirming your pre-booking, together with the payment terms. Once you receive this email, you will have a maximum of 5 days to make the payment. After payment, please send us a proof of payment, otherwise registration may be cancelled. For any question or doubt, contact us!

    La registrazione al workshop è possibile esclusivamente per ruoli da Leader. Le registrazioni per le sole follower o in coppia non verranno accettate. Per i casi particolari o classi CS e TMC, e le classi di LINDYHOP e BALBOA beginner contattaci. Indirizzo e-mail:

    It is possible to register to the workshop only as Leader. Registrations for followers or couples will no longer be accepted. In particular cases or for CS and TMC , LINDYHOP and BALBOA Beginner, please contact us at this mail-adress: