(by Marcus Koch mr. KillerBoogie & Rasmus)

2 hours – Learn this explosive routine with the one who created it.

(with Luigi Torchio)

1 hour every day from Monday to Sunday 

Create harmony with yoga and orient positively the inexhaustible energy of the swing.

(by Andreas&Olga)

1 hour – You are a Lindy Hopper and would love to be able to dance well to those really slow swing songs.

(by Andreas&Olga)

1 hour – Is more than dancing Balboa to slow music. It’s rhythm, flow, partnership and definitely a dance of its own.

(by Andreas&Olga)

1 hour – Expand your swing dance knowledge by learning this fun and energetic dance from Saint Louis, USA.

(by Roberto&Diana)

1 hour

By Daniele & Alessio

Cool moves and technique to enter a jam with style! Have fun and steal a partner leaving the audience amazed!

By Daniele & Alessio

Make your dance more interesting learning how to switch role while dancing. Explore leading and following skills from another perspective!

By Gosia

(“Whiteys Lindy hoppers” warm-up) by Gosia

by Gosia&Nejc

by Andrea&Lucia

by Beatrice Lillacci

Playing with your feet in swing time.

by Sara Vianello (4h)

by Sara Vianello (1h)