This new contest is thought in the 2019 Edition to connect on one side, the tribute this edition dedicates to the great movie masterpiece “The Cotton Club”, and to another, to collect numerous video testimonies of life and experiences during the week of Policoro in Swing.

Thus  “PolicoroSwingStories” was born, a video contest through which all the participants will have the chance to express what Policoro is for them, turning, in a few frames, into directors of their own Policoro in Swing.


– The contest is intended for all those participating in dance camp, parties and after parties of the 2022 edition of Policoro in swing.

-The videos must have a maximum duration of 50 seconds.

-The videos must be sent – via “we transfer” – to the email box policoroswing.team@gmail.com from 2nd September  and by 20th September 2022, indicating as object PolicoroSwingStories

-The author at the time of sending will indicate the title of the video, its name andsurname, address and telephone number

-Each author is responsible for the content of his videos and is awarethat the photographic material produced can be used like promotional material by the organization of Policoro in swing.

-Each author is obliged to inform the filmed persons thet the video is exclusively for the purposes of participation in this video contest.

-Videos that reflect situations or people without permision, which can damage their privacy, dignity or image are forbidden

-Each author can participate with a maximum of 3 videos.

-Videos can be shot exclusively via smartphone or GoPro.

-The videos can be edited, cut as the author whishes.

-All videos received will be examined by a qualified jury.

-The decisions of the jury are final.
-Of all the videos, the jury reserves the right to choose 20 after the first oneexamination phase which will end on 15 October 2022.
-In the second phase the 10 best videos will be chosen by the jury.

The winners will receive the following prizes:

1. Classified: Full Pass for PIS 2023

2. Classified: Full Party Pass for PIS 2023

3. classified: Half Board c / o Aquarius for PIS 2020 (*)

4. classified: Accomodation in B6 c / o Aquarius for PIS 2023 (*)

5. classified: Week End Pass for PIS 2023

6. classified: 30% discount on Full Pass for PIS 2023

7. classified: 20% discount on Full Pass for PIS 2023

8. classified: 20% discount on Full Pass for PIS 2023

from 9th to 10th place: a T-shirt

Prizes are not cumulative.
The organization will be able to publish the videos on its social networks indicatingthe author.


(*) the accommodation and half board for one week can only be used in connectionRegistration for the dance camp 2022