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(by Mr Killer Boogie & Rasmus Holmqvist)

2 hours – Learn this explosive routine with the one who created it.

(by Luigi Torchio)

1 ora tutti i giorni da Lunedì a Domenica 

Crea armonia con lo yoga orientando positivamente l’inesauribile energia dello swing

by Fred Caputo & Alison Parla

1 hour
The boogie is danced to two musical rhythms: slow and fast. Don’t think you just have to slow down your dancing because these are two different dances. The interpretation is very swingy, soft, languorous, materializing the technique, musicality and style.

by Sara Vianello (2h)

Approaching the Big Apple to know the steps of this circle dance that originated in the Afro-American community of the United States

By Madame de Freitas (2h)

A unique workshop dedicated to the knowledge of the art of the Burlesque with one of the most important performers of the Italian scene. Madame de Freitas will introduce you to a world of lightness and femininity with great fun.

Suitable for men and women who want to learn more about their charm and develop the elegance and ‘that I don’t know what’ that makes us unique.

2 hours to dedicate to yourself, your body and your mind

by The Hot Shots (SE) (2 hours)

by Susanna Spoto – 2 hours

Also known as the “Savoy” Shim Sham, the Al & Leon version of the Shim Sham is packed with lots of lovely variations on the classic routine. Let’s break down the basic steps of this historical routine and explore the style of two masters of vernacular jazz dance. 

Level: open

by Adamo&Vicci – 2 hours

by Andre De Martino & Lucia Mendoza – 1 hour

An introduction to the main rhythms, aesthetics and basic footwork of Latin Blues

by Elice Fallstrom – 1 hour

In this class, we will talk about and experiment with some of the basic concepts for getting great aerials. We will find the correct muscles, work on timing, and get more comfortable with the idea of flying/lifting. The class is suitable for both dancers who want to improve their present acro skills, as well as for those who have never tried aerials before.

by Nicole Rochelle – 1 hour

Class is based on science and heartmath and using music and rhythme to meditate and have better overall energy and health. It will guide a physical warmup to wake up both hemisphères of the brain then guide Breathwork and visualisation to music.

by Javi Zurdo & Lucia Galiana – 1 hour


by Edmilson Bothelo – 2 hour

by Luca Rizzioli & Monika Grabowska – 1 hour

Swing Rueda is a fun variation of Lindy Hop that’s danced in a circle, while frequently swapping partners. The leader of the rueda calls the moves, which are mostly regular Lindy Hop moves.

by Marlon Schumacher & Laura Marino – 1 hour