Margaux Dours
Margaux DoursInsegnante

Started dancing in a small dance school when she was 4 years old. In 2005, she moved to Toulouse to get her degree through the conservatory.

After 3 years of conservatory, she started a dancer-interpreter formation at James Carles; a 3 years training in classical, modern, and contemporary.

At the same time, she danced in different Toulouse companies. After graduating as a dance teacher, she began teaching in different schools in Toulouse.

In parallel, she meets Jean Philippe DELORT by joining his crew Groove’n up which mixes several styles of dance.

She is swinging with him and integrates several troops (tagada swing swing, tic tac swing, funny bones, mashed patato). Eager to learn and progress, she starts Charleston and balboa with Anne Helene and Bernard CAVASA. She now teaches with Jean Philippe in several festivals. Dynamic and energetic, she continues to learn to improve her technique constantly.