The Blues Piper
The Blues PiperDj

Mike Murphy (aka the Blues Piper) is co-founder and teacher at Rebel Blues, a small blues community in his hometown of Cork. He first encountered blues dance at a swing afterparty in 2014 and instantly fell in love. This quickly grew into an addiction, travelling to workshop festivals all over Europe.

Mike first attended Policoro in 2015, returning twice more in ‘16 and ‘17. Needing his ‘blues fix’, the post-afterparty hours were spent playing blues via a Bluetooth speaker on the beach. He’s delighted to officially join the DJ team for Policoro In Swing 2019.

His taste in blues music, varies with his mood: from intimate mellow Jazzy Blues to more upbeat Chicago and Latin Blues styles. Not a traditional blues purist, sets will also include blue-adjacent styles such as soul and funk to promote fun and dance creativity. If asked nicely, he might also include some late-night fusion at the close.