Vicci Moore
Vicci MooreInsegnante

Vicci (pronounced Vicky, but spelt strangely!) is a professional dancer, specialising in blues dance.  There is nothing she loves more in the world than dancing!  She has a broad knowledge of dance and the body, training initially as a solo dancer and gaining a 1st class honours degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography, and a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. Her background in a variety of solo dances has been invaluable in her partner dancing, and she is known for approaching her blues dancing with grace, fluidity and intense body awareness. As a teacher, Vicci is known for her warm and friendly approach.

In her teaching and dancing she focusses on quality of movement, connection with your own body and your partner, fluid motion and body awareness; tools which enable creativity and personal expression in your dancing.  She believes in giving people the tools to become their own dancer and encourages all her students to find their own voice. As a Dj, Vicci is passionate about her music! When DJ’ing you’ll usually see her singing along, dancing on the DJ booth and struggling to keep herself off the dance floor! Her music selections will take you on a journey through various Blues styles, as she conveys her own passion to your dancing!  She has a strong affiliation for female artists, good introductions, unusual breaks, dirty horns, and good time party blues! Step onto the dance floor with her and let the good times roll!!!